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Metal Wire Snow Fence

Metal wire snow fence is also named plastic wire mesh fence. It can be supplied in temporary fence panels or portable fence panels for easy installing.

Metal Wire Snow Fence

Property: Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance.

Application: Metal wire snow fences are used in professional fencing of public buildings, factories and workshops, schools, parks, playgrounds and sport stadia, airports, military sites etc.

Common Wire Mesh Fence Panel Sizes and Post Sizes:

Panel Height Panel Width Wire Dia. Profiles Mesh Size Post Height Post size
630mm 2500mm 5mm 2 200x50mm 1100mm 60x40x2mm
1030mm 2500mm 5mm 2 200x50mm 1600mm 60x40x2mm
1530mm 2500mm 5mm 3 200x50mm 2100mm 60x40x2mm
1730mm 2500mm 5mm 3 200x50mm 2400mm 60x40x2mm
2030mm 2500mm 5mm 4 200x50mm 2600mm 60x40x2mm
2430mm 2500mm 5mm 4 200x50mm 3100mm 60x40x2mm