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Wind Break Netting

Windbreak Netting, Green Color
Windbreak Netting, Green Color

Windbreak Nitting Roll
Windbreak Netting Roll

Windbreak netting is one of screens protecting the growth of plants or crops from been destroyed by winds. It is made of UV treated polyethylene monofilament yarn. It is a thick mesh and has a high breaking resistance. It will not run even after violent hailstorms. Windbreak mesh has been widely used in agricultural industry.

It can be using 2~3years under normal weather conditions.

Material: 100% virgin HDPE with UV treated

Yarn: monofilament

Width: 100cm-600cm

Length: as required

Color: green, or as required

Weight: 50-200g/m2

Packing: in poly bag with a label


  • Weatherproof protection against sun, wind and even heavy hail damage. Will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and is UV stabilize.
  • Strong, tear resistant protection.
  • Manufactured to provide a reliable and long-lasting cover.
  • Suitable for open areas, glasshouse shading and reducing heat loss ingreenhouses (between 5-7%) representing significant savings on fuel costs.
  • Different specification is available.


    Item No. Mesh Size Weight Max Width
    A202 2.5 x 10mm 45/70gsm 10m
    A301 2 x 6mm 85gsm 12m
    A303 7 x 10mm 33gsm 12m
    A401 6 x 6mm 70gsm 6.5m
    A402 5 x 5mm 70gsm 6.5m
    A403 2 x 7mm 60gsm 12m
    A605 1.8 x 3mm 110gsm 6.5m
    A660 4 x 4mm 70gsm 6.5m