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Plastic Safety Mesh Fence

Plastic Safety Fence Material: made of HDPE polyethylene, PP with UV stabilizer, resin

Mesh Size: rectangle mesh type, oval openings, round opening, diamond opening , the main mesh is rectangular and oval.

Weight: 80-350g/m2

Width: 1M, 1.22M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2M

Color : orange, yellow, black, green, blue, but the most popular colour is Orange

Plastic Safety Fence Application: The products are widely used in cold areas for snow barriers, also used for crowd control in various places including construction sites, open excavations, ski trails, dangerous equipment, hazardous chemical areas, new building construction, warning and restricted areas etc. Customers have told us they also use this for chicken runs, dog boundaries, supporting home insulation, Windbreaks(dust & snow), sports lanes.

Plastic mesh safety barrier fence provides excellent traffic control for work zones and hazardous areas.

Packing: Usually it is packed in rolls in transparent plastic film bags with labels inside, and loosely loaded into the container or pallet.

Extruded Plastic Snow Fence
Orang color Plastic Snow Fence for Safety

Snow Fence Uses
Plastic Safety Fence Application. The color can be yellow or orange.